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B & T Recycle Services LLC is a unique salvaging business. We market, buy and sell. Our company goes out and buys old plants. We then scrap the plant, recycle and resale everything from the reciprocating equipment to the medal. We then refurbish, or recondition the equipment and resell it. We offer gas engine and compressor packages, offering our services to all residential, commercial and the industrial corporations.

You can trust our expertise in these services knowing we offer satisfaction guarantees.

We have many years of experience, in this field of industry. Because of our dedication to our customers and our goal to perform our services with the highest level of safety, quality, and dependability, these qualities have helped us gain the greatest reputation, and be the success that we are today.

B & T Recycle ServiceB & T Recycle Services LLC offers our services to many large and small corporations. These corporations have prequalified us as to safety, capabilities, management resources, and equipment, insurance and bonding capabilities. Our customers have grown to trust our professional team, by the quality of work performed, our dependability, and most of all our reputation. This has been proven over and over again each time they use our company. Our accomplishments, at B & T Recycle Services LLC speak for themselves, as you get to know us better you will see that we have earned a reputation for worry-free performances.

B & T Recycle Services LLC makes sure that our highly trained professional technicians will, do everything we can to get you the item you need quickly and at reasonable prices. We offer both used and new items.

Call us today at 432-559-9826 or fill out our online contact form.

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